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Ravi Varma: I need more opportunities

Ravi Varma talks about testing new domes in B-Town and K-Town.


Ravi Varma is a prominent face in Tollywood. And deceptively he was intense to become an artist since he was a child. And as he turned out to be a part of the industry which captivated him, the trip was exciting, he says. Having been about for closely a decade, without a brief gap of 3-4 years in amid, Ravi has progressively been moving onward.

How did the trip begin? “I wanted to get an acting mark in the US, but it was fairly a lavish affair. When I was working in the US, Vennela happened.

Bommarillu, Rakhi, Sainikudu, Bhadra, Ready and Jalsa trailed. It was quite incredible to be a part of the sphere that always captivated me. Fortunately, I got exciting roles. Some of them were boring, but well located and I was truly happy about it,” he shares, saying, “But at a point I desired more and that’s why I took the break.”

He is a complete mix of values. “My parents are from Andhra but I rose up learning the Telangana talk and Urdu. Cheers to my teachers, I speak shudh Hindi also,” he shares, saying, “Moreover, I have dubbed for myself in the Hindi form of Ghazi.”

Formerly, it took him a while to let everybody know about it but nowadays, he’s contented with numerous films coming his way. Moreover, Ghazi marks his Hindi debut when he’s fixed to make his Tamil debut with the remake of Kshanam.

“I am actually happy about the new fields. I have learned that roles which aren’t people approachable have limits in terms of the profession. Being a bad character can limit the opportunities. I am not very specific about the length of characters since the aim is always to be part of a good movie. I have accomplished that most of the times,” he says, adding on a parting memo, “It is not often persons write exceptional characters for anybody other than the leads. I am not pleased and can do a lot more but I require more chances to show my flexibility.”


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