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Rashmi Gautam’s song is still viral

Rashmi Gautham song from Guntur Talkies stands up more than three crore views on Youtube.


Rashmi Gautam became a domestic name as she anchored the well-known television show Jabardasth. This is not the first time in front of the camera but she has acted in some Telugu movies previously.

Born and brought up in Vizag, Rashmi Gautham was always fascinated in movies. “I didn’t really tried, but always wanted to look on screen — whether it is the big screen or small screen. I was so active in my school’s traditional programs and that is how I got a proposal to act in a movie. I normally love to act and I love being in front of the camera, regardless of the medium,” speaks Rashmi.

The song from Guntur Talkies Nee Sontham featuring Rashmi Gautam has been viral on internet even a year after release with about 3 crore views so far. The heroine is said to be the central attraction in the song with several people comparing her to Sunny Leone.

Rashmi says, “It is like a demand and supply chain, as persons are watching and toting to its viewership. It is not a bad-mannered song, but it has made sensuously. There are numerous vulgar videos on Youtube and my song got more views since its shot differently.”

She says that the song is part of a movie and everybody has to look at the complete movie. “It was part of a movie and choreographed by the director Praveen Sattaru himself. I viewed the movie at a multiplex and observed people loving the adult comedy. The culture has altered and such movies are accepted now,” she says. She has been swamped with messages on Twitter associating her to Sunny Leone. “Individuals feel that anyone who gets a sensory song becomes well-known. If that is so, then anyone can become known. For anybody who becomes a sex symbol, we didn’t select to. Ethical policing Sunny or me is silly. Occasionally people talk derogatorily,” she speaks by adding, “Sunny Leone made a streak for herself and doesn’t depend on anybody in a male-dominated industry.” Speaking about her next movie, Rashmi says, “I am working on a movie with Nandu. I am being given horror movies but I for myself bored of them.”


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