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Ranveer Singh: My take on romance is traditional

Ranveer Singh, the lover boy is an emotional soul, when it comes to matters of the heart.


Ranveer Singh is eager about his coming picture Befikre, which has nearly 22 smooches and yet approved with U/A certification. He says “It is a family movie that can be seen comfortably with children. Really, these smooches have the warmness of a hug. You will acquire a happywalli feeling. That is why it passed over the censors also.”

Talking about young love, Ranveer Singh says, “There are numerous layers to the romantic rapport in the movie. The youth are very certain about what they need. Though interacting with the fresh and young assistant directors on the sets, I comprehend their tactic to romance. They have a real liberal attitude. I am not 18 years old and I am basically from a traditional family background. I did not have entrance to the internet and the social media formerly. That is why my take on romance is outdated. My influential years of upbringing yet, do not fit to this DNA.”

In contrast to Bajirao Mastani, this movie is very relaxed. “Employed on Bajirao Mastani was a completely draining and arduous experience. For me, every single film is a test and the role I do, reveals its own experience which interprets my feelings of the instant. For Befikre, Adi told us to be contented, and feel fresh when impending on the shooting sets. Having an attractive co-actor, doubles my energies,” he says.

In response to SRK’s ‘padded undergarment’ comment on Koffee with Karan, Ranveer told, “I feel very contented in my body. My bodily nudity does not mean something to me. As a hero, I am just letting you into a more cherished part of my body and into my personality.”

Currently that he is employed with Aditya Chopra, does he think he has got into Shah Rukh Khan’s ground? “I am not a regional person. I take things as they come. I am more than pleased and honored to have operated with Adi and Sanjay at this starting stage of my profession,” says Ranveer who is also vulnerable to working with new directors with fresh ideas.


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