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Ranveer Singh: I want an island wedding

Ranveer singh has spoken about his dream wedding, pictures and more.


Ranveer Singh is explosive. On his new visit to the capital, the dynamo was at his maddest, craziest and funniest self. He had spoken about his fantasy wedding, his perfect destination to suggest to his lady love, cinemas and more. Moving down the hump at the Residence of France on Wednesday night together with his co-star from his future flick Befikre, Vaani Kapoor, the artist wore Divani’s newest collection along with his signature shoes.

The future project by Yash Raj Films had publicized its first trailer at Eiffel Tower in Paris and has been totally shot through well-known locations in France. Speaking about his French connection, the hero publicized that the first time he ever met the camera was in Paris: “I have an exceptional connection with France and I could speak all day and night about this magic place. I visited Paris when I was 21years old and was part of a big festival that displayed Bollywood style of dancing in front of the beautiful people of France over numerous live dance acts. Famous dance choreographer Saroj Ji was also a part of it. And it was the first time I met with a camera.”

Ranveer Singh, who also hurled a Bhangra wedding song called Khulke Dhukle from the movie, publicized all about his perfect wedding destination and told that he desires his marriage is a non-stop party. “I want my wedding to be one of the largest dance parties of all spell, and that too non-stop. I just want persons to come and have a big blast. I would like to have my marriage on an island if I can give it and I would like to have spell party where everyone would be stumbling out. And I want to live that day like it’s the last day on earth,” he giggled.

But earlier all of that, would he pick a perfect destination to go down on his knees to propose? He said, “Well, I think Mumbai sounds perfect. As they say, home is where the heart is.”

Numerous people from inside and outside the Film industry have been remarking on how Befikre could be ahead of its time and advanced, just like Lamhe that featured Anil Kapoor and Sridevi, which just accomplished 25 years of its voyage in the industry. Almost the same, the hero said, “Yes, I consider it is reflective of today’s time. It will signify how today’s cohort views romantic relations.”

Questioned if he would prefer playing a character grounded on an epic or a periodic drama versus romcoms, and how interesting or easy was it for him, the actor jested, “Functioning in a romantic show is way harder than a periodic movie. One would visualize that a movie like this, which is so breezy and romantic would be simple to do. However taking from what one of my coworkers said newly, sometimes these movies are even tougher. In periodic movies, you have distinctive roles and all their characters are there for you. So it is simple to get into those roles. While in a romantic flick you got to put in your own character and hope that it is good enough to engross people.”


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