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Ranveer and Arjun Proved they are Bollywood’s New Age Jai-Veeru


On the trailer Release of “Half Girlfriend”, Bollywood hearthrob Ranveer hilariously consoles his best friend Arjun saying he would become Arjun’s ‘better half’.

We all know Ranveer Singh‘s wacky fashion sense and sense of humor. This time, the Bajirao Mastani Actor hilariously consoles his Gunday co-star and Friend Arjun Kapoor when Shraddha Kapoor refuses to be more than his half girlfriend.

Arjun and Ranveer are Bollywood’s coolest, craziest and funniest best friends. Their chemistry as co-stars and real life friends has always been the talk of the town but Ranveer seems to take their relationship to the next level. He amusingly says that he would become Arjun’s ‘better half’. This all happened because of the trailer launch of Arjun Kapoor’s upcoming Bollywood film “Half Girlfriend”. In the trailer Arjun pleads Shraddha Kapoor to become more than his ‘half girlfriend’, but

The trailer of Arjun’s upcoming film Half Girlfriend saw the Gunday actor crying and pleading with Shraddha Kapoor to become more than his ‘half girlfriend’, but she seems to have no interest.

Gunday actor Arjun’s emotions however impacted his Gunday co-star Ranveer so much that he agreed to become his ‘other half’.

This hilarious way of consoling Arjun by Ranveer has the girlfriend’ have everyone left to surprise.

In the past also these two stars Ranveer and Arjun proved they are worth given the names of new age Jai and Veeru. They are true friends and look like each other’s perfect PR machinery. They have the potential to redefine friendship in Bollywood, be it their crazy dub smashes, party pictures, funny tweets which reveals how close pals they are. They friendship seems to be intensifying day after day. Ranveer had spilled the beans on his friendship with Arjun in an interview, wherein he described that Arjun is a person he can keep in touch on a daily basis, they keep chatting the whole day and never feel bored they never run out of things to talk about. And he says they have many things in common.  He says when Arjun enters the room then he lights up like a 1000-watt bulb!.


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