Thursday , March 21 2019

Rana Daggubati’s big plan ahead

Rana has big ideas with KWAN — the talent management company he has cooperates with each other with.


Rana Daggubati is the one Tollywood actor who is happening even in Hindi and Tamil film. All the same he has not been seen in any Telugu movie this year, according to a cause, he is planning a big venture in the coming year.

Everyone was familiar with that he newly teamed up with a talent management company named KWAN. According to a source, the artist wants to take it to one more level and is now taking complete care of the entire South India area.

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“Rana has a lot of contacts in Tollywood, and so he is asking his coworkers to join his company. His father owns a studio and other equipment linked to filmmaking and now Rana owns a talent management corporation, with which they are scheduling more movies in the coming years,” utters the source.

Their main part of their plan is with Naga Chaitanya’s movie that is slated to start following year. He is at present in touch with many other artists and actresses. Meanwhile, the regular PRs who take care after the artiste’s dates are a bothered lot as Rana is taking their chances. Generally managers’ fee is 20 per cent of the actor’s total payment, but if actors join Rana, the directors will lose control, especially on actresses who commonly come from Mumbai.

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