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Rana Daggubati: Not in a hurry to get married

Rana Daggubati, speaks about his future submarine war movie Ghazi, his personal life and more.


Rana Daggubati is always hectic with numerous projects and is presently the only Telugu actor to work through all the movie industries. Now, he is happy about his future movie Ghazi, which has submarine combat as its subject, ahead of its kind in Indian cinema Industry. “I am continuously trying to do new. This movie is grounded on the Submarine PNS Ghazi attack which occurred in 1971 at Visakhapatnam,” discloses Rana.

Multi-lingual works

When the script was done, Rana realized that it was a giant budget movie and would work out only when made into many languages. “The story materialized in Visakhapatnam but the combat is amid Pakistan and India, so it works for Hindi viewers also,” he speaks.

Hydraulic set

The movie needed a submarine set, which was constructed near Tank Bund in Hyderabad. “To make the submarine set, it had taken about 4 to 5 months. The warship was 1971 exemplary and we had to do more research for it. We particularly planned the hydraulic set to stretch the feel of a submarine,” speaks Rana. He says that they initially made a set in a swimming pool. “We grabbed an Olympic size swimming pool on contract for 3 months,” he shares.

No daylight for months

The submarine set had 6 compartments, with units like a war room, meeting room, and dining room. “We usually go to the sets in the morning and have shooting until late evening. We had spent a lot of time and there was no natural light. For some months, we didn’t see daylight and everybody started feeling disengaged. So, instantly we stopped the shooting there and started the outdoor acts,” speaks Rana.

Fictional story

The script of the movie is totally fictional with some references of that time. “No one discerns what precisely happened inside the submarine. It is a confidential file, so we formed this story from public information. It is expressed from the Indian point of opinion,” says Rana. He discloses that they shot distinctly for the Telugu and Hindi versions.

Marriage and rumors

Rana says “I am not in a rush to marry. My parents are not compelling me to do something as they always esteem my decisions. So, it will occur when it has to.” In the past one year, the actor has not been in any dispute or rumors like in the first days of his career. “I get annoyed when these rumors include others. You write anything about me, I am glad,” he says.

Family time

How does his family react to rumours? “They are not worried as we have been in the movie industry for the past 56 years. We all are very open with each other. They discern what I am doing. We gather at our place — my family and Chinnanna’s family (Venkatesh) and converse a lot of things. We watch pictures together and also confer our projects,” speaks Rana.

I am an outgoing person

“Do you observe any other hero go to a restaurant to eat on his own? I usually do that. If I feel hungry, I take my car and go out. I am an outgoing one and goes out with my friends. I still go to the Old City in Ramzan time to eat Haleem,” he speaks.

Excited to work with Venkatesh

Are there any multi-starrers including him, Venkatesh and Naga Chaitanya? “We have read 27 stories for a multi-starrer, but none are electrifying. The most thrilling person to work with is Chinnanna since he is a superstar and if I link hands with him, the movie will be big. If a really good story comes along, we will certainly do it,” he discloses.


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Rana Daggubati: Not in a hurry to get married
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