Tuesday , July 17 2018

Ramya Krishnan: I am keen to play Jayalalithaa madam

Ramya krishnan was excited by a fan-made poster by fully filmy.


A poster of Ramya Krishnan photo shopped to look like the late Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa has gone viral on social media. The photograph is that of a made-up film titled Mother. Created by the franchise called Completely Filmy,   the poster also has the tagline: The story of a queen! Further, the maker has also taken the authorization of crediting Karthik Subbaraj as the director of the hypothetical project.

However, many fans seem to agree with the maker’s fantasy, and have expressed on social media platforms that they would indeed like to watch a movie like that, with Ramya playing Amma. There’s yet another reason which goes in favour of this fantasy — the uncanny appearance of both Ramya and Amma’s voices. When Ramya was contacted for her reaction on this, the Baahubali artist said, “I am also aware of it. I got the picture on my WhatsApp; it was sent to me by my friend. It must be a fan-made poster.”

Even though it was a creation of someone’s imagination, the Padayappa actress seems to be excited and is keen to play Amma. She said, “On previous occasions, many journalists have asked me about my dream role — I didn’t have an answer then. But now I can say that I want to expose Jayalalithaa madam and that is the dream role I would want to have in my career. Though it is a highly challenging achievement, I will not hesitate to sign on the dotted line, provided a good filmmaker with a lot of feeling and a well-made script approaches me. I am not in for persons who just want to make noise. After all, Jaya madam is one of the most respected and revered ladies of our times. Amma was a bold and highly intelligent lady who was an inspiration to millions of women including me. And if I get a chance to reprise her, it is a very big honour for me!” Let us hope this fantasy comes true!

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