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Ram Rahim had an Illicit Relationship with Adopted Daughter Honeypreet

Conferring to her separated husband, Vishwas Gupta, both Ram Rahim and Honeypreet started living together and spending a good amount of time after she divided from him.


Priyanka Taneja named Honeypreet Insan, 42, has a contentious past, with representatives saying she wedded Vishwas Gupta, a rich man who was a Dera follower, on 14th February 1999.

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She came very close to Dera main Ram Rahim and in the year 2009, she filed a dowry harassment case contrary to her in-laws. Yet, Vishwas Gupta attended the court in 2011 condemning the Baba of having an illegal relationship with his wife and had wanted judicial custody of his spouse from Ram Rahim. He, but, took the case back and got divided after getting an out-of-court payment with Priyanka. Ram Rahim Singh had adopted Priyanka and had given her the new name called Honeypreet Insaan.

According to her separated husband, Vishwas Gupta, Ram Rahim and Honeypreet began living and spending time together. “Honeypreet was adopted by Guruji as he had bad intents. He sexually misused her as she was gorgeous,” Vishwas Gupta, who endures leading a secret life following fears from Rahim’s kinsmen, said.

Version of events as narrated by honeypreet’s ex-husband

Vishwas Gupta revealed the complete episode that led to his parting from his wife and he puts the fault straight on Ram Rahim.

“I was waiting at the goofa, private room of Baba. My wife was with him. He had inadvertently left the door open. They were unclothed and were having sex. They were stunned after they had seen me. Baba had feared me with dire penalties. He had endangered me not to reveal anything and had said that I will be slaughtered,” Gupta said.

He had supposedly adopted her on the first day of the wedding. Vishwas and Honeypreet escorted Baba Ram Rahim where he would go, but Baba did not let her nap with Vishwas. Baba and Honeypreet would sleep together in a solo room.

Vishwas got wedded to Honeypreet, alias Priyanka, a tenant of Fatehabad on 14 February 1999. Baba gave her a new name as Honeypreet.

“Baba had thrown a big gathering in goofa in 1999 and had proclaimed that he was adopting my spouse and I will be his son-in-law. She will be his mid daughter,” Vishwas stated.

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