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Ram Gopal Varma: Vangaveeti is my most violent film

Ram Gopal Varma, the maverick director speaks about his future film Vangaveeti and reveals the fact behind his online wit.


In spite of having been allied with Vijayawada and the story of Vangaveeti Ranga for closely three decades, it’s astounding that Ram Gopal Varma took much time to make a movie on his lifetime. “That’s since it has been with me in the ability of a story, not a movie. In Shiva movie I recreated my know-hows as a witness. Moreover, I was just about 1000 yards away when Devineni Gandhi was killed. That motivated how Sudhakar was killed in the movie. I re-formed a part of the ether there and completely forgot it. But a pair of years ago, when I ensued to meet somebody who wasn’t a viewer but a member in the entire situation, I saw it all with a new viewpoint. I alleged that would make for a motivating period movie,” he says.

How Ram Gopal Varma went about it without altering facts? “No one truly knows what occurred and I met a lot of individuals with each one having their personal version of the story. I need to decide which one to trust. When you talk to numerous people, it’s simple to comprehend who is the most reliable since credibility comes with the complicated detailing in the story.  For example, everybody said me about the 72 knife stabs on Chalasani Venkata Ramana’s body when he was slayed, but I for myself observed it too unbelievable to be factual. When I met one of the stabbers who told me precisely how the complete scene slammed out that I realized it is credible. A script can be made up, but not complex details. Such instants have been re-formed in the movie,” he speaks.

What about the fierceness? “This is certainly my most violent film,” he clarifies, saying, “There is a complete sequence of 15 minutes where they had planned the slaying of Devineni Murali. The violence is since of the way it was done back then. They sought to make an instance out of it. It was fictional to be a warning to anybody who dared the next time.”

RGV’s Twitter banter

  • For anybody who follows RGV faithfully, it’s simple to think of him as a guy who keeps proclaiming movies, whose Twitter banter is all drunken chat and as somebody who doesn’t think before he speaks.
  • “People might assume that my tweets as a result of the influence of vodka but that are not true. More thoughts go into everything I write, but it’s an additional thing that I might want to make it sound like a drunken tweet,” he clarifies. “When I proclaim a film, I might or might not make it. But the notion in itself is very stimulating and that’s why persons are attracted to write about it. There have been movies which I proclaimed but didn’t make but I worked on movies way after they were proclaimed too. I am innate there,” he reasons.

His story

After making pictures on the lives of numerous people, one wonders what a movie on the life of the director himself would be like. “I consider my biopic would be more about the way I approach life. That would be the most stimulating part of the complete story,” he speaks.


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