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Ram Gopal Varma faced Protests for Vangaveeti

Ram Gopal Varma had met Radha Krishna and his mom before the release of the movie but the conversations did not go off well.


Vjayawada: Disputes erupted against the flick, Vangaveeti from diverse quarters. Vangaveeti Radha Krishna, the son of Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga, had met the Director General of police N Sambasivarao and elevated his objections with the show.

The flick, directed by Ram Gopal Varma, is told to be a biopic of Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga who was slayed in gang wars of Vijayawada through 1988.

The picture has landed into a main controversy from the date of it’s statement. The Radha Ranga Mitra Mandali, the followers of Vangaveeti Radha Krishna, also upturned protests over the movie and cautioned of the penalties if the movie goes contrary to their sentiments. Director Ram Gopal Varma had met Radha Krishna and his mom before the release of the movie but the conversation did not go off well.

Currently when the movie released on Friday the followers of Radha Ranga Mitra mandali objected and elevated slogans at Y Screens multiplex located in Pundit Nehru Bus Station contrary to Varma and commanded the change of the title of the show as it does not replicate the facts. Also at Santosh theatre in Ajith Singh Nagar the factions of Ranga showed protest by performing kseerabhisakam to Ranga portrayal. Police have interfered and paid the mobs at both the sites.

Mr. Chandana Suresh, a near assistance of Vangaveeti Radha Krishna, said that the picture is filled with half-truths and does not portray the role of Mohana Ranga. Jutting Ranga as a Rowdy snubbing all the good work he has completed is offensive and we object the method the role of Ratnakumari is shown in the movie, he said. We are forecasting to approach the court to seek editing of objectionable content, he said.

Previous MLA, Malladi Vishnu who has close link with Vangaveeti family, said that Ranga has toiled for the people’s rights on numerous issues. He struggled with the then dictatorial management and got slayed for that. If all this is not replicated in the picture it will be only a promotional stunt by the director to appeal the public attention, said Mr Vishnu.


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