Wednesday , April 24 2019

Ram Gopal Varma apologises to Nagababu

Ram Gopal Varma, before the release of the movie Khaidi No 150, had made sensational remarks contrary to Chiranjeevi and Mega family members.


Vijayawada: The provocative director Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) is again in newscast by tweeting that if he has bro like Chiranjeevi, he would have crushed the man who had spoken against Chiranjeevi’s family. “Nagababu has displayed mercy by striking me only with words. Really sorry to him,” RGV has tweeted. However, RGV has opened gates of argument, while the Khadi No 150 audio gathering was held in the district of Guntur, before the release of the picture.

Before the release of the movie Khaidi No 150, RGV had made certain sensational comments contrary to Chiranjeevi and Mega family members, which had impelled Nagababu to react abruptly on RGV, at the event. However, legendary director Ram Gopal Varma is again doing the same. He has been getting on the instance of Khaidi No 150, which is Megastar Chiranjeevi’s comeback movie. In his most recent Twitter rage, he has first banged the new poster of the movie Khadi No. 150, as “height of self-absorption.”

“Wowwww Madame Tuss-aud will throw half her museum out for this…Want to touch the feet of designer and the director who had convinced mega star,” tweeted Ram Gopal Varma, criticizing the movie poster presenting Chiranjeevi sitting on a big stalk by holding an axe. He didn’t even stop there, in a parting shot, he told, “The designer of this appearance is going to have a special page forever in the annals of history for the spontaneous perpetuation and voluntary perplexity.”  “As a Megastar fan, I really wish Mega Star does a movie like Satakarni and take Telugu cinema industry to the next final level. True admirers of Megastar should tell him to do movies like Baahubali and Satakarni,” he said i an extra tweet.


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