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Ram Gopal Varma and Nagarjuna are Teamup Again

Ram Gopal Varma repeats the magic of the first movie

Ram Gopal Varma

28 years ago, Ram Gopal Varma made his directorial debut with Nagarjuna akkineni “Shiva.” The move is a huge blow and has become a  in Tollywood movie industry.

Now, 28 years later, when two people come together again for another project, fans are hardly able to stay calm. A promise to get the comeback solid, director Ram Gopal Varma had failed to create a dent at the box office in the past few years and has started filing his next tentative title NAGRGV4.

Ram Gopal Varma said: “I do not believe in God, but I believe in Nagarjuna,” For the first time in the movie, Nagarjuna said: “One of Shiva as changed my life 28 years ago and is now another movie / My feeling now is that I cannot describe it! I only hope , Life is so wonderful every day # nagrgv4 (sic).

Ram Gopal Varma

In the pictures Nagarjuna can be seen wearing a serious look on his face,  holding a gun. One can still see that he is holding a chain that reminds us of a scene from Shiva,  In another place, he can see a gun and a bundle of banknotes in his hand. We doubt he is playing a corrupt police !

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The project will fund RGV and Sudheer Chandra. The speculation is that during the inspection, the manufacturer plays the heroine in the movie during the meeting with Annussuca Shetty. Formal confirmation of this issue has not been made. Nagarjuna said he was full of confidence in the success of the film. This project reflects his mutual trust with the versatile director.

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Ram Gopal Varma and Nagarjuna are Teamup Again
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