Thursday , February 21 2019

Ram Charan made a ‘calculated’ move

Ram Charan attempts to nip the truth about Khaidi No. 150 that he produced for his dad, to avoid concerns with the Income Tax officials.


Income Tax officials have their eyes sealed in on the Telugu film industry and they are checking the accounts of all the movies that have been listed as hits. They have already asked the film makers and distributors of Gautamiputra Satakarni and have currently put their guns on Ram Charan, who had produced Khaidi No. 150, the comeback movie of his dad Chiranjeevi.

A week after the movie released, Ram Charan’s maternal Uncle Allu Aravind conducted a press meet along with director V.V. Vinayak and publicized that it was the first Telugu movie to gross more than Rs 100 crore in 7 days.

However Ram Charan was expected at that press meet, the statement was lastly made by Allu Aravind, who said that though he was not connected to the picture, he was publicizing the movie collections as a family member.

A representative says that they sought to show Chiranjeevi’s influence, and therefore Ram Charan requested his uncle to publicize the collections. That was the only statement ever made about the movie, after which no official statement or press release about the collections was put out.

“While the tax officials met Ram Charan, he told them that the movie collected only Rs 75 crore and disclosed them a financial plan of Rs 60 crore that included Rs 20 crore as Chiranjeevi’s payment and Rs 10 crore for the director, on which they would pay separate taxes. He lastly showed only Rs 15 crore profits, and said he would definitely pay the tax,” says the representative.

In fact, Chiranjeevi didn’t take any payment for the movie as it was bankrolled by his son and VV Vinayak also didn’t charge much since of his bond with Chiranjeevi.

“Ram Charan is so smart and told the bureaucrats that they released the movie on their own and never sold it to anybody, so he didn’t show any commercial deals to the bureaucrats. He also told them that he is still waiting for the concluding chart from the exhibitors,” says the representative. Further, when tax officials had asked him about Allu Aravind and director’s statements about movie collections, Ram Charan said them that “it was just a promotional trick”.

Murmurs in the industry are that the movie stands at number two in Tollywood after Baahubali, in terms of box office collections. It’s up to Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan to publicly announce how much their movie actually collected and at which place it stands. Is Ram Charan presenting all these calculations to avoid paying tax?



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