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Ram Charan takes Mani Ratnam’s advice

Ram Charan says the director had told him to concentrate more on content-driven movies.


Ram Charan’s recent release Dhruva might not have fared as well as predictable, but its primary man is not crying over it. However, he feels that the movie and his crew did well through these times of slump. “We discerned the fiscal situation was unfavorable prior to our movie’s release. But we had no choice but to release on time. We were equipped for a collapse and predictable at least 30 percent of the audience to stay away,” he speaks.

“All of us functioned towards stingy on the budget without negotiating on the product. Seeing everything, I am contented with the consequence,” adds Ram Charan.

On why he had chosen to do the remake of a Tamil movie, Ram Charan shoots back mildly, “Better a clad remake than a wicked original. Content is king currently. It doesn’t staple what the cause of the content is or where it’s coming from, as long as it is practical. We adored the Tamil original and unequivocal to do it in Telugu with some variations.”

One look at his preceding movies and it is pretty clear that he had been acting in classic commercial potboilers for a long time currently and had trapped to the “mass image” that arose with it.

So, he had taken up Dhruva exclusively since he wanted to do movies driven by content. And the individual who had encouraged him to do so was director Mani Ratnam.

Talking at a new promotional event, the actor exposed that it was on the advice of the ace-director that he had taken up the movie.

Mani Ratnam had told me to sometimes listen to diverse and experimental stories as an alternative of only focused on commercial film,” Ram Charan said though adding that he wasn’t attentive in breaking records any longer. “With an emphasis on records and making cash, you tend to slip a good story,” he said.


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