Saturday , March 23 2019

Raj Tarun is here to stay

Raj Tarun speaks about his next movie, how he missed some best projects, his love for dogs and his close friends in the industry.


After a year’s gap, young hero Raj Tarun will be seen in Kittu Unnadu Jagratha. After that, the hero has 3 to 4 films lined up and he speaks that he will not have so long gaps from this year. “It was not wary. I was just focusing on the topic and then the pre-production work had taken time,” clarifies the actor. Defining the movie, he speaks, “I play a dog kidnapper in this movie. There is a section of crime, but it is typically an entertainer.”

The hero is contented with the way his profession is shaping up. “Cinema is my thirst and I live my thoughts by doing movies,” he speaks. His first three pictures tasted achievement and he made his own market. But the actor discloses, “I never look into the records and how much a movie collection. I always think of doing a good movie and functioning hard on it to get a victory. By the end, it is the viewers who decide the destiny of a movie. I am pleased that my movies are collecting great revenues and it certainly aids to get good openings for my future movies.” He says that he isn’t under force, ever.

Started as an assistant director, he went on to become a hero. So, does he give efforts to the director when coming up to with a story? “If I have any hesitations, I check with the director and clarify them. Once, the story work is finished and ready for shooting.”

On why he favors working with debutants and upcoming directors, Raj clarifies, “They approach me with good stories and ideas and these movies are more vital to them than me. They stretch their all to the movie and don’t think of something else. It is good to work with the similar age group also.”

His future movie, Kittu Unnadu Jagratha has a lot of dogs. “I am a dog lover and have 13 dogs in my house. I used six of my own dogs in the movie along with the other dogs,” he discloses.

Raj Tarun speaks that he is not a party guy as he mostly halts at home and spends time watching cinemas whenever he gets time. Speaking of friends from the industry, he says, “Nikhil (actor) is my close friend. I was more tensed than him when Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada out. He is very close to me and it is good to see that such films are actually doing well, giving us self-assurance to try something new.”


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