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Raids expose black marketing of kerosene in Telangana

Sale to families having food security cards and getting kerosene in Hyderabad district plunged after ePass system was introduced.

Raids expose black marketing of kerosene in Telangana

Around 10 per cent of the 11659 kilolitres kerosene that the state gets to allocate to around 85 lakh relations having food security cards is blurred to the black market, this is used to adulterate petrol and diesel for use in sweatshops small paint businesses minor scale businesses and for use by asphalt road servicers.

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Government ePass system here the unconfined after biometric confirmation of the recipient. Here using this system the sale of this has rushed in the GHMC and urban areas of Ranga Reddy district in Telangana. 5 years back city Hyderabad district used to draw about 3500 kilolitres of kerosene under PDS, after application of ePass amount needed fell to 1869 kilolitres in September 2015 yearand to 1100 kilolitres this month as per the report.


Ration dealer from the old city said the number of FSCs at this shop fell from 1600 to 600 after the ePass system eliminated false and unentitled recipients. Notwithstanding the obvious reserves ePass has not been applied elsewhere in the Telangana and this has caused in kerosene being black marketed in the city from other regions

Mentioned fact came to light from raids lead by the Watchfulness and Implementation workers on the city outskirts in 2015 year and by the Hyderabad South Zone Task Force police during a raid in January last month, cyberabad Special Operations Team arrested 34 people and seized about 37 kilolitres of illegal kerosene from their possession and lodged 19 cases, Hyderabad Task Force seized about 25 kilolitres of kerosene last year 2015. And task Force DCP Limba Reddy and Additional DCP  Koti Reddy said former that the kerosene was being supplied to a few petrol bunks and unauthorized petrol sellers.

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