Friday , March 22 2019

Rahul Gandhi will soon be Congress president: Sonia Gandhi

The promotion of Rahul Gandhi has been in the works for a long time, with party frontrunners saying that the time has currently come for him to take over.


New Delhi: With Rahul Gandhi self-possessed to replace his mother Sonia Gandhi as the Congress president, it is his “friend of the poor” and “humble man” image which party plotters are trying to highlight contrary to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pro-industrialist façade.

On this Friday, Sonia Gandhi broke her silence on her son’s projected elevation in the party and stated, on the sidelines of a book launch, “Rahul will be Congress president shortly”.

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The clamor for Rahul to take over as party president has full-grown over the past few weeks.

Previous Union minister Sachin Pilot showed recently that Rahul will take over the bridles of the outfit after Diwali.

Representatives in the Congress told this newspaper that the party is of the estimation that Rahul’s movement in Gujarat has boosted his image with his piercing attacks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The utmost recent tweet on Rahul Gandhi’s official twitter handle is a poem on starvation and a report on how India had originated down in the Global Hunger Index.

In a previous tweet, Rahul took a taunt at the Prime Minister’s remark that a “trickle of people” were trying to spread glumness in India. After the International Monetary Fund and World Bank downgraded India’s progress forecast in their newest reports, the Congress vice-president tweeted: “These cynics are going worldwide. Why don’t they simply go away?”

The BJP was fast to hit back with Union minister Jitendra Singh compelling pot shots at the Congress scion, saying that it was very late for Rahul Gandhi to change.

“Don’t you consider 50 is very old to be coming of age?” Singh stated about Rahul, 47, is probably as a youth leader.

Vexing to corner Rahul on the growth plank, Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the Congress did the whole thing when it was in influence at the Centre to make sure that the Sardar Sarovar project was not finished.

He also criticized the Gandhi scion over his new visits to temples in Gujarat saying, “I am getting nosy as Rahul Gandhi is visiting temples and forfeiting obeisance to gods with honesty. I am told that social media has tinted that local leaders said him how to do aarti.”

Political tacticians feel that Rahul visits to temples are an exertion to counter the BJP’s Hindutva plank.

Many state units of the Congress, counting Maharashtra, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, have handed resolutions seeking elevation of Rahul as the party president.

Congress representatives said that members of the party`s Central Election Authority (CEA), which is supervising the process for electing the next party president, are predictable to meet Rahul in a day or so to explain her of the conclusion of various phases of the polls.

The Congress president will then call a conference of the Congress Working Committee (CWC) to esteem a tentative schedule of the poll, before being informed by the CEA.

The promotion of Rahul has been in the works for a long time, with party leaders saying that the time has currently come for him to take over as party chief. He was chosen the party’s vice-president in the year 2013.

His promotion will come before the vital Assembly polls in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh where the Congress is fronting a tough encounter from the BJP.

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