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Rahul Gandhi takes a dig at Narendra Modi advice to the Civil Servants

Rahul Gandhi takes a dig at Narendra Modi advice to the Civil Servants

Rahul Gandhi responded to the Narendra Modi advice to the bureaucrat saying that Leading by example is clearly overrated.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi responded to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi statements of banning the mobile phones during the official meetings.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the government officials on the Occasion of Civil Services Day, advised the officers about the usage of the social media, saying that the politicians could be worried about the placements of their pictures, but not bureaucrats.

PM said that mobile phones are banned for his meeting because the officers often check the social media sites during the meetings.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi taken a dig at the statements made by Narendra Modi and he took twitter to respond to the PM saying that “Leading by example is clearly overrated”.

In fact, Narendra Modi actively uses the social media networks and gets connected with the people. He is one of the most followed leaders on Instagram and Twitter in the country. Narendra Modi has 29 million twitter followers.

Sonner Smriti Irani, who is the Union Minister of Textiles, responded to Rahul Gandhi who has disregarded the advice made by the Prime Minister “not to spend much time in online”. She has responded to the Rahul tweets saying that “Look who is talking about being overrated.”

While presenting the awards to the civil servants, Modi said to the officers use the Social media for the welfare of the people, but not for their self-praise. He illustrated with an example to the officers how to use the social media.

Modi said, if social media is used for announcing a date for the anti-polio vaccination then it’s helpful, but giving two- drops of polio vaccine and then uploading the photo in the social media should not be done, which is not good.

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