Tuesday , March 19 2019

Rahul Gandhi: Modi is robbing country and turning people’s anger into communal hatred

The living of millions of honest Indians was wrecked due to this ‘thoughtless act’ of Modi says Rahul Gandhi.


New Delhi: Congress party Vice-President Rahul Gandhi on this Wednesday accused Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi of “robbing” the nation of its commercial prowess and “harming” India by converting individual’s anger due to unemployment into “communal hatred”.

On the 1st anniversary of demonetization that he termed as a “disaster”, Gandhi said living of millions of honest Indians was devastated due to this “thoughtless act” of Modi.

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“PM’s reforms have deprived India of its fiscal prowess,” he purported in an article in ‘Financial Times’ that stated that demonetisation has wiped out 2 percent of GDP and “derelict” the lives of millions of employees.

Rahul Gandhi said the prime minister appealed his decision was intended at wiping out corruption, but “12 months on the only thing he has streaked out is confidence in our once thriving economy”.

The Congress vice-president assumed that demonetisation destroyed the easygoing labour sector and has streaked out many small and medium companies.

Gandhi is in poll-bound Gujarat to partake in protests in Surat, the nation’s diamond and textile hub. He also supposed the “hastily enforced and poorly conceptualised” goods and services tax “dispensed another blow to our economy”.

“Bureaucratic and multipart, it (GST) has devastated livings, crafting a modern-day ‘Licence Raj’ that enforces rigid controls and stretches vast powers to government administrators,” he said.

“The rise of democratically elected tyrants like Mr. Modi is driven by two factors: a huge increase in connectivity and its deep impact on organizations.

Captivating a poetic dig at the government, he has tweeted in Hindi that even a single tear meant danger for the government and one has not got an ocean coming out of the eyes, tagging a photograph of some poor people crying by standing in queues.

“Ek aansu bhi hukumat ke liye khatra hai, tumne dekha nahin aankhon ka samundar hona” (Even a single tear is a danger for the government, you have not seen eyes turning into an ocean),” he said in another tweet.

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