Tuesday , March 26 2019

Rahul Gandhi approves Telangana TDP president’s entrance into Congress

Representatives said Revanth Reddy had claimed that he would join the Congress party in Rahul Gandhi presence.


Hyderabad: AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi has approved the admission of Telangana State Telugu Desam Party working president A. Revanth Reddy completely into the Congress. He had met Mr. Revanth Reddy concisely on this Tuesday evening.

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Rendering to sources, Telangana State Congress in-charge R.C. Kuntia, AICC SC/ ST chairman Koppula Raju, and TPCC president N. Uttam Kumar Reddy escorted Mr. Revanth Reddy to Mr. Gandhi’s house and held primary discussions.

Mr. Revanth Reddy appears to have insisted on a civility call with Mr. Gandhi before moving into the Congress party. After the primary discussions, Mr. Gandhi initially spoke with the Congress party team and allegedly asked them whether there would be any concern in local party circles with Mr. Revanth Reddy’s entrance.

After getting the views of all party members, he moved out and had a one-on-one meeting with Mr. Revanth Reddy for some time. After this, Rahul Gandhi gave the go onward.

Representatives said Mr. Revanth Reddy had claimed that he would join the Congress party in Mr. Gandhi’s presence.

Throughout his meeting with Congress leaders, Rahul Gandhi suggested that the party should not make any declarations on proposing posts for some time.

The proposals made by Mr. Revanth Reddy would be specified to the campaign committee chairman in view of his speechifying skills to take on the present TRS government.

At the end of the conference, it was decided to confess Mr. Revanth Reddy totally to the Congress.

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