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Rahul Dev charts plan for second innings.

The performer, who is back in the act after a four-and-half year sabbatical, considers himself lucky to be flooded with work.


Rahul Dev is happy to do what he does finest — playing the role of an antagonist. The artist will be spewing venom in the spin-off show, Dil Boley Oberoi a spinoff of Ishqbaaz — as Kali Thakur.Talking about his personality, the actor shares.

“The reason for doing this movie is simple doing anything new is fun.” He continues, “I was the first person from a modeling background to successfully venture into movies. I was also the first one to take up film ventures down south. This one is exciting because while you have spinoffs out of the country, this is the first one that India is trailing with.”

The artist, who is back in action later a four-and-half year holiday, considers himself lucky to be flooded with work. He utters, “This is my innings, thanks to Dil Boley Oberoi and Bigg Boss. It’s fantastic to be associated with TV,” adding that his Bollywood profession is looking up because of his stint on the small screen. He explains, “If I wouldn’t have been a part of the reality display, I don’t think Mubarakan would have occurred.

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I was away from the industry for individual reasons. It is close to impossible to make a comeback. Today I am a part of so several projects, be it this show, or Mubarakan or the web sequence with Nagesh Kukunoor.”

Rahul is as well specifically thrilled to be receiving character heroes. He utters, “When I look at character artistes, they begin after 40. For example, Boman Irani took up his first film after he was 40. Since I too am in my 40s, I think I am lastly getting to be in my region.”

Now that things are seeing confident on his professional front, is marriage with Mugdha Ghodse on the cards anytime soon? He answers, “We are very glad in the state we are in. We actually haven’t thought of wedding as of now. When two people allow themselves to be free, only then can they growth. If you look around, 90 percent of weddings are cants — people aren’t honestly happy even if they look happy together. We are happy the manner we are.”

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