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Puri Jagannadh: Rogue is a different kind of love

Puri Jagannadh upcoming movie is a mass entertainer with veteran actor Nandamuri Balakrishna.


Extracts of an interview with director Puri Jagannath on his new release ‘Rogue’:

Your new movie Rogue appears like a slick actioner about obsessive love. How do you see the movie amid all the movies you’ve directed in your profession?

If you see at my career, nearly all movies have unique love stories. ‘Rogue is one of its type love story which is different and suited the present times well. I don’t wish to reveal the story but I promise you it’s a clean and tender love story. Action scenes are a vital part of the story as per the story requirements.

The trailer starts with the line: ‘I hate girls’ and then ensues to show him romancing her rather harshly. In one shot he grabs her behind. Is this a misogynist picture?

The character of the movie is a powerful guy with a romantic heart. Whatever he does, he does with clean passion and power. You are saying “romancing harshly” but it is really an intense romance. It’s completely a different love story. He is not a misogynist.

Speak about Ishaan. What made you select a complete newcomer? How assured are you of his stardom?

Ishan is a very talented and devoted artist. Nowhere in the movie will you feel he is a beginner. He is fervent and very enthused. His commitment and hard work, along with his ability, will take him to new elevations soon.

Do you think the Tollywood needs new talent?

New talent should be encouraged in each industry. It’s an endless process. We all are newcomers at one point. It’s like fruition in the cinema world.

There is more action and acts in ‘Rogue’ than love. Moreover, even the romantic scenes are choreographed like action sequences. Is that thoughtful?

As I said previously, this is a gentle love story but action scenes are part of the story. Even the romantic acts are intense. Nothing is thoughtful. Everything that was integrated was done as per the script requirements.

You sacked your complete team and replaced it with a fresh team. How did that distress your work in ‘Rogue’?

The new crew is a delightful and highly interested bunch of guys. We had a smooth sailing through the shooting as I told the story to the complete team before so that everybody was on the same page.

You are now directing Balakrishna. What kind of project is this? 

That would be a mass action entertainer providing to all sections of the audience. The story came out so well and I am sure this is going to be an eye feast for all Balakrishna Sir Fans as well as all movie lovers.

How different is working with a starter like Ishaan as compared with Mahesh Babu or Balakrishna?

I never thought Ishan as a newcomer. He is very gifted and worked like an experienced actor.  It was an easy procedure for me. Besides, once we have clearness of thought and know precisely what we have to extract from actors, everything falls in place. However, I am very open-minded and am always prepared to take inputs from my cast and crew.


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