Thursday , April 25 2019

Priyanka Chopra pays India a visit on weekends!

Priyanka Chopra, the famous Bollywood star gets open in a chat with an American chat hostess.


A simple line from our own sensual explorer Priyanka Chopra has Indian producers concerned to debt. And I do actually mean debt.

As if Priyanka Chopra destined what she told to American chat-show hostess Chelsea Handler, then she is enabling herself out of Bollywood in her proposal to entrench herself in the American entertainment commerce.

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Throughout the discussion with Handler, Priyanka told, “I decided to go back to India to complete my work on weekends.”

And that too as she is getting weekends off from the Quantico team.

“In India we have no perception of weekends,” she professed with a smile.

Though the work philosophy and job morals of the Indian working-class are open to dispute, the more instant conclusion to be haggard from Priyanka’s declaration on American television is that she has so done with Bollywood.

Returned home, Priyanka has been moving down tasks, however not in big numbers. As the proposals are, to put it graciously, controllable.

A noticeable filmmaker who presented her a chance to perform a very colorful and notable factual figure says, “I overhear she is turning down ventures in India to emphasis on her profession in the US, which is well. Currently she declares on American TV that she comes back to India only on weekends to finish her work, and that too since she gets time off from her American sequence. Ever since she actually doesn’t have any movies to complete in India, I recommend she focus on consolidating her profession in America. We will manage without her someway.”


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