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Pregnancy causes long-lasting changes in women’s brains

Pregnancy brings a lot more cerebral changes in women.


Paris: Pregnancy sources “long-lasting” physical variations to a woman’s brain, with major, but apparently beneficial, grey matter loss in parts of the vital organ, an investigation had said recently.

Certain alterations have lasted at least two years, but did not look to erode memory or other mental procedures.

The variations “concern brain areas related with functions essential to manage the challenges of maternity,” investigation co-author Erika Barba-Muller of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) declared in a statement.

The radical hormone flows and physical variations of pregnancy have long been identified and planned, but its effects on the mind have been little assumed.

The recent study, printed in Nature Neuroscience, claims to deliver the first sign “that pregnancy converses long-lasting variations in a woman’s brain.”

They had compared pre- and post-pregnancy brain scannings of 25 first-time moms. They investigators also looked at the brains of first-time dads, as well as males and females with no children.

It had found “pronounced and long-lasting GM (grey matter) volume drops in a woman’s brain” in pregnancy, in areas tangled in social procedures.

In future tests, this similar region lit up most of scanning’s measuring the women’s retorts to their kids.

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The brain variations were probable an adaptation for motherhood — enhancing the ability to recognize the necessities and emotive state of a baby and decode prospective extortions to its health and safety, said the investigators.

Grey matter is found in the brain’s creased outer layer named the cerebral cortex, which lines the processes of learning and memory, social skills, motor function, language and problem solving.

The good news: the investigators “did not observe any variations in memory or additional cognitive functions through the pregnancies and so believe that the loss of grey matter does not infer any mental defects,” said a UAB declaration.

The study tested the women up to 2 years after pregnancy, so it is not clear how long the variations last.

The investigation had pointed to a procedure named “synaptic pruning” which occurs to humans in adolescence to eliminate rarely-used synapses — connections amid brain cells.

This is prepared to make way, after infant, for more effectual and specialized synapses and increase the network’s complete efficiency.

A similar procedure might be at play in pregnancy, the investigators speculated.


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