Monday , February 18 2019

Prasad requests Google to confirm digital security, tailor products to Indian requirements: Growing digital payments

Previous month chipset manufacturer Qualcomm had stated that wallets and mobile banking apps used in India do not use hardware level security which can ensure online transactions more safe.


In the light of the fast rising digital ecosystem in which a numerous of security susceptibilities have come to the front, Minister of Electronics and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad on Wednesday requested to US-based technology company Google to work on firming cyber security systems.

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“More the digital transactions will rise; more the tasks will be to cyber-security. I will request to Google to work more to safeguard digital security,” Prasad stated. “Google is as much Indian as much it is American. It has a similar obligation towards India, as much as it has towards the US and the world,” he added. “Google India needs to tailor its operation more to India’s psyche, local languages, local aspirations, local products..,” Prasad said.

Experts have suggested that in the backdrop of increasing electronic payments in the country; wherein a numerous of new applications and digital services have been developed post the Centre’s November eight declaration of withdrawing high denomination currency notes from flow, cyber-security could have been put on the backburner leaving dodges in several systems.

Previous month chipset manufacturer Qualcomm had stated that wallets and mobile banking apps used in India do not usage of hardware level security which can make online transactions safer. “You will be amazed because most of the banking or wallet applications round the world don’t use hardware security. They really run completely in Android approach and users’ password can be theft. Customers use fingerprint which might be captured … in India that is the scenario for most of all digital wallets and mobile banking applications,” Qualcomm Senior Director Product Management Sy Choudhury had stated.

Google has additionally planned 5,000 workshops in forty cities across India. There’ll be an app known as Primer, obtainable on iOS and android in Hindi and English, with alternative languages being developed. “Small businesses on-line have considerably larger market share outside their cities. SMBs (small and medium businesses) that go digital find you using a lot of individuals than those who ignore on-line,” said Rajan Anandan, VP and MD of Google South East Asia.

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