Sunday , March 24 2019

Prakash Raj to Watch His Film with Sharon Stone


Prakash Raj, the National Award winning actor will quickly add one more feather to his top. The professional actor is all fixed to watch the Tamil movie Siva Samayangel with Hollywood star Sharon Stone.

Prakash Raj is presently so busy in promoting his future Telugu movie Mana Oori Ramayanam, which he has directed and produced.

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Speaking about Telugu cinema and the disputes neighboring him, the actor says that there are several bigger things occurring in his life when compared to these disputes.

“To say, these are slight issues — the disputes between me and Srinu Vaitla, or few others. There is rather something so big and as an Indian actor, it is a proud instant for me. The Tamil movie Siva Samayangel will be going to premier at the Golden Globe Awards, and I will be viewing this movie along with Sharon Stone and few others that contain 40 worldwide reporters,” says Prakash Raj.

He also says that everybody should be honored that an Indian actor is viewing a movie with numerous Hollywood stars and other intercontinental personalities. This is the 2nd time that Prakash Raj and Priyadarshan, the director of the movie have combined hands after Kanchivaram, a National Award winning picture.

“I am discerning about how the Hollywood community will going to welcome Indian actors and asking me about minor disputes, discipline and further things,” says Prakash Raj.

Speaking about the movie, Prakash Raj offers a glimpse of the plan. “The story starts in a blood bank, where 7 people come for an AIDS check. Each of them desires to keep it a top-secret,” says Prakash Raj.

He performs the lead role in the movie. After the premiere, the actor is all fixed to have feast with the Hollywood stars. Due to this event, Prakash Raj will slip the release of his future movie that is planned to take place on 7 October.

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