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Prabhudheva opens up on his upcoming film starring Vishal and Karthi

Prabhudheva opens up on his upcoming film starring Vishal and Karthi

Prabhudheva opens up on his return Tamil film after 6 years which will be starring Vishal and Karthi

Prabhudheva returns to catch the megaphone in Tamil after a long gap of six years, Karuppu Raja Vellai Raja which is featured with Vishal and Karthi. Sayyeshaa, one who is awaiting the release of Vanamagan, her debut Tamil film has brought on board.

Karthi after hitting a big hit with Cheliya and Vishal who had been in the news form few days in winning the Nadigar Sangam elections have been joining their hands in a single project in which Prabhu-dheva will be directing the film.

At the formal launch Prabhu-dheva reveals that the film Karuppu Raja Vellai Raja is not about the colour, it is about the war between ahimsa (non-violence) and (himsa) violence.

For two heroes to who joins their hands for a film need to be good friends, says Karthi. By adding he said, though he didn’t know Vishal well before but it was during the Nadigar Sangam elections that they became very close. And also said that his character in KRVR will be a humour-based charecter and Vishal has another different shade.

Praising Sayyeshha, he shares that he and Karthi both had an opportunity of watching her dance performances also. Karthi also had a dance routine with her in KRVR and laughing, it is going to be tough for him.

He also said that they are willing to donate part of their salaries for the building funds Nadigar Sangam. Sayyeshaa adds that the first time she met Prabhudheva was been when he choreographed her song. That was like her dream come true she said. And now, it all looks so amazing as being a part of his directorial venture.

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