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Prabhas is a Complete Mama’s Boy

Prabhas speaks about being close to his mother, pressure from admirers and Baahubali movie.


“We are all emotive, as we won’t be meeting for Baahubali,” starts Prabhas, saying, “I know the movie has been finished and is all fixed to release, but I am not coming out of it still. I still feel that Rajamouli might call me for specific patch work, a small act or to dub, since it has been an emotive journey for all of us. Especially for me, as I am so close to Rajamouli and his complete family.”

Prabhas name has converted identical with Baahubali all over India. “I didn’t imagine that I could convert this popular. Everywhere I go, they link the movie with my name. Even people call me Parabhas, some people call me as Prabaas and others Prabhas, but whatsoever the name, previously, they had known only my face, but currently, they know me as an individual,” speaks Prabhas.

Prabhas, who is very friendly to his mom, missed her a lot through the out-of-station shooting calendars. “Yes, when I would be back in Hyderabad, I would go to see my mom and sister, or they would certainly come to my shooting location. I feel gloomy when I won’t see my mom for longtime. So, when I am in Hyderabad, I usually spend time with that beautiful lady. When I see my mom’s smiling face, I forget all the pressures and tensions. I am the contented person at that instant,” speaks the actor.

Enlightening more about his mom, the actor says that when he shoots in Hyderabad, he prefers only home food. “90 percent of the time, she cooks my food,” speaks the hero. “She is best with vegetarian food and her preeminent dish is veg pulao. When we lived in Chennai, her favorite was appam, but once we moved to Hyderabad, she forgot about that,” he speaks.

He even talks about how his complete family — cousins and all would go Mogaltur, his native village. “We definitely meet at my village each year for Sankranti. But in the past few years we haven’t been there much since of my hectic shooting agendas,” he discloses. Talking about legendary director Rajamouli, he speaks that he is not just his maharishi but also his best friend. “I shared my efforts with him as I feel completely free with him. I won’t see him as a big film maker. So, when he describes the shot, I even share my thoughts,” he speaks. He says that no one can visualize why Kattappa had killed Baahubali, the powerful question which has become a countrywide debate.

“Magic had happened for the first part and it had become a great success as people liked diverse things,” he speaks. When enquired if there’s a clue in the movie trailer, he speaks, “The main reason for the killing can’t be spoken in a few words! It will be described in the script and only then you know. “Speaking about Anushka, he states, she is the South’s luminary, but did that character because of Rajamouli. “Being a big star, it’s not simple to accept the character of an old lady, but she did all because of Rajamouli.”

When questioned about her weight concerns, he speaks, “She put on weight for Size Zero movie, but severely reduced for Baahubali. You can see the change and she toiled hard for it.” In the meantime, the actor’s next movie has begun, so we ask him if he plans to match the movie to the gage of Baahubali, and he speaks, “No. If you look at my profession, I have already shown that after a big action movie like Chatrapati, I could do a cool movie like Darling. I knocked 20 to 25 people in Chatrapati, but in my next movie, I frolicked the complete opposite, which was putative,” he says.

Is there any pressure from fans? “Yes, a lot. But I am here today because of them. So, I do I keep them in mind while doing my films. Commercial films are only for my admirers,” he speaks. Speaking about his career, he says that he might not do a movie like Baahubali again. “This movie comes once in a lifespan and might not happen again. I can act in many more movies in the future, but Baahubali will be the finest in my career,” he closes.

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