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Police Lines on the road of Amberpet to open

Flyover cleared at Amberpet, other roads are found.

CPL Roads
The decade-long problems of people living near the Central Police Lines in Amberpet will end soon as the government is lifting the ban on the use of CPL roads

Hyderabad: The decade-long difficulties of people living nearby the Central Police Lines in Amberpet will end soon as the government is lifting the ban on the use of CPL streets. The people from colonies nearby CPL like Owaisi Nagar, MCH Colony, Raghunath Nagar, Umar Nagar, Chenna Reddy Nagar Bapu Nagar, Patel Nagar, New Patel Nagar and Prem Nagar used to travel through CPL ways.

After the twin booms and the Mecca Masjid blast in 2007, the CPL authorities shut the roads to civilians as many police services existed on CPL campus. At present, the State Armed Reserve (SAR) battalion, (PTC), Police Training Centre Cyberabad (PTO) Police Transport Organisation and Amberpet police station function from CPL. Due to the Metro Rail works at Malakpet, the police are diverting vehicles from Dilsukhnagar to Chaderghat through Nimboli Adda, Amberpet, and Golnaka. Due to the additional traffic on the road, Amberpet junction experiences jams.

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The all-party committee under the management of former MP V. Hanumantha Rao and Amberpet G. Kishan Reddy MLA identified alternative streets to avoid the traffic problem at Amberpet junction. Mr. Kishan whispered the Centre has sanctioned a flyover at Amberpet and TS would sanction it during the budget session. “During the building, alternatives are needed for the Warangal highway. We have recognized alternatives. Meanwhile, the government will permit traffic through CPL roads from Gandhi Bomma Junction to Amberpet police station. The police department will open CPL roads to the public when works begin,” he said.

During GHMC elections Nayini Narasimha Reddy Home Minister had promised locals on this issue. The all-party panel had met then Home Minister P. Sabitha Reddy regarding the problem and has been continuing their fight seeking to reopen of the roads.

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