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Police Investigates Death of North Korean Leader’s Brother

North Korean Leader’s Brother Kim Jongnam Killed at Malaysia Airport.

Kuala Lumpur: The police checked the surveillance tapes Wednesday to find clues about who could have murdered the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at a Kuala Lumpur airport, a senior official said.

An autopsy will also be carried out on the body of Kim Jong-nam, police said. Kim, 46, was targeted Monday in the shopping hall at the airport and had not yet experienced immigration for his flight to Macau, said a senior official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the case involves delicate diplomacy. He was taken to the airport clinic and died on the way to the hospital, the official said.

North Korean Leader's Brother Kim Jong-nam Killed at Malaysia Airport
North Korean Leader’s Brother Kim Jong-nam Killed at Malaysia Airport

Kim, who died on the way to a hospital, told medical workers before his death that he had been attacked with a chemical spray, the official said.

Police chief Selangor Abdul Samah Mat said the police were looking for clues in the CCTV film. The airport is located in Selangor near Kuala Lumpur.

Kim Jong-nam was separated from his younger brother, the North Korean leader. Although he was warned by some foreigners as a potential successor to his dictator father, others thought it was unlikely because he was living outside the country, including recently in Macao, Singapore and Malaysia.

He was reportedly plagued by an attempt to enter Japan on a false passport in 2001, saying he wanted to visit Tokyo Disneyland.

According to several South Korean media, citing unidentified sources, Kim Jong-nam was killed at the airport by two women believed to be North Korean agents. They fled in a taxi and were searched by the Malaysian police, according to information.

A statement from the Malaysian police confirmed the death of a 46-year-old North Korean man he identified from his travel document as Kim Chol, born in Pyongyang on 10 June 1970. “Course and an autopsy request was made to determine the cause of death, ” the statement said.

Ken Gause of the CNA think tank in Washington, who has studied North Korea’s leadership for 30 years, said Kim Chol was a name that Kim Jong-nam has traveled. It is believed that he was born on May 10, 1971, although the birthdays are still not clear to the senior North Koreans, said Gause.

Mark Tokola, vice president of the Korean Economic Institute in Washington and former deputy head of mission at the US embassy in Seoul, said it would be surprising if Kim Jong-nam were not killed by order of His brother, Officers allegedly tried to assassinate Kim Jong-nam in the past.

“It seems likely that the motivation for the murder was a continuing feeling of paranoia on the part of Kim Jong-un,” Tokola wrote in a comment on Tuesday. Although there was little evidence that Kim Jong-nam was tracking down the North Korean leader, he provided an alternative for the North Koreans who would drop his brother.

The massacre was reported as North Korea celebrated its latest launch of missiles, which foreign experts were analyzing to prove the country’s missile capabilities. For the next few days, North Korea will mark the anniversary of its late leader Kim Jong-il, the father of the brothers, although they have different mothers. The big party this Thursday is called the “Day of the Shining Star” and will be celebrated with exhibits of figure skating and synchronized swimming, fireworks and mass gatherings.

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Since taking power at the end of 2011, Kim Jong-un has executed or purged a host of senior government officials in what the South Korean government has called a “reign of terror.” The most spectacular was the execution in 2013 by the anti-aircraft fire of his uncle, Jang Song-thaek, once considered the second most powerful man in the country, for what the North alleged was a betrayal.

Gause said Kim Jong-nam was frank that he had no political ambitions, although he publicly criticized the North Korean regime and the legitimacy of his brother in the past.

Kim Jong-nam had been less forthright since 2011, while North Korean assassins tried to kill him in Macau, Gause said, although the details of the murder attempt are bleak. South Korea also reportedly imprisoned a North Korean spy in 2012 who admitted to attempting to organize a flying and beating accident against Kim Jong-nam in China in 2010.

Despite the attempts of his life, Kim Jong-nam has traveled to North Korea since then, so it was assumed that he was no longer under threat. Kim Jong-nam may have become more vulnerable than her defender in the North Korean hierarchy, Kim Jong-un’s aunt Kim Jong-un’s aunt and his uncle’s wife Jang Song-thaek seem to have fallen Favor or died. She has not been seen in public for over three years, Gause said.

Kim Jong-il had at least three sons with two women, as well as a daughter with a third. Kim Jong-nam was the eldest, followed by Kim Jong-chul, who is a few years older than Kim Jong-un and is known as a playboy who would have attended Eric Clapton concerts in London in 2015. He is not clear what position he has The North Korean government. Kim Yo-jong, a younger sister, was appointed a member of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea at a North Korean party congress in May. She has a post in a propaganda and agitation department and is known as Kim Jong-un’s keeper, said Gause.

While the most likely explanation for the assassination was that Kim Jong-un withdrew a potential challenger to North Korean leadership within his own family, he could also send a warning to North Korean officials to demonstrate the scope of the assassination.  It follows the defection last year of a senior diplomat from the North Korean embassy in London who spoke of his desperation at the purges of Kim.

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Police Investigates Death of North Korean Leader’s Brother
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