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Pawan Kalyan’s Son Named Mark Shanker Pawanovich

Pawan kalyan his third wife, Anna Lezhneva’s son, apparently has named him Mark Shankar Pawanovich.

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Top stars from Pawan Kalyan and his wife Anna Lezhneva ushered in a little boy earlier this year. In October, a Pawan holding a little boy on his arm it goes viral. There are reports that the actor gave his child a name. You will somehow know the name. Obviously, the baby will be Mark Shankar Pawanovich. Yes, you read right! Although it has not been confirmed from the star himself, but the name is still viral. Response to the name, director Ram Gopal Varma said he’s amused.

He wrote, “I bow down my head to the name of son of PAWAN KALYAN. Mark Shankar Pawanovich is the greatest name I have heard from the origin of the language dating back to the twenty-sixth dynasty of the Middle Ages in Egypt Christ is also the first recorded language experiment of the greatest Pharaoh Psammetichus . I found the individual of Pawanism The integration of the very, very good disintegration into Russian owich and as the flag of salutation marks the main Pawan originator Shanker “

pawan kalyan

RGV later shared the name of a son and son of his daughter Pawan Kalyan for a brief conversation. He wrote, “Revathy Varma is a comment by Pawan Kalyan Fan and my daughter on the response to his son Mark Shanker Pawanowich.

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My daughter MSG I do not know your son’s name for Pawan Kalyan because the comment you posted is absolutely nonsense. You just use a bunch of complicated words and irrelevant historical preferences to make zero sense My reply to my daughter And what you are talking about is basically a proxy for demonstrating the state of Neanderthals Your highly understated very open hidden philosophical value Pawan Kalyan thus firmly sets the truth that I do not love him more than you and you will not Love him like me. “

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