Tuesday , March 26 2019

Pawan Kalyan Stages Walk Out of Katamarayudu

Pawan Kalyan is allegedly upset and has staged walk out sharply from the shooting sets of his enduring movie Katamarayudu.


Tollywood Buzz is that actor Pawan Kalyan got irritated when he wasn’t delivered his dialogues in advance. The actor simply walked middle from the sets immediately, revealed sources in the shooting entity.

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“Pawan Kalyan wasn’t provided his version of dialogues before. After learning there were numerous dialogues of him to remember and say them, Pawan felt it would be waste of time on the shooting and no point in also make others waiting till he memorize his dialogues. Therefore, he simply walked out of the shooting place,” said a consistent source on condition of confidentiality.

As Pawan went off, director Dolly had shot few scenes comprising other actors that are existing on the set. This is not all. Several people including director Dolly and funder, Pawan’s friend Sharrath Marar assumed Pawan left in limb of the moment and he would be back to shoot the succeeding day as usual. But it isn’t what had happened. Pawan chose to avoid the movie’s shoot even the next day signaling that Pawan had taken the matter so seriously. Deceptively, both Dolly and Sharrath have convinced Pawan and clarified where it went erroneous. Influenced with their clarification, Pawan is expected to appear in the shooting from today. This has fetched huge sigh of relief to both producer and director.

Pawan had previously worked with Dolly for the movie Gopala Gopala and openly stated that he was enthralled with him and even assured him to work again. With SJ Suryah out of Katamarayudu, Pawan had asked Dolly to take over the venture and wheel it. Ever since Dolly is soft-spoken and non-controversial, numerous thought that it would be smooth sailing for Pawan and Dolly. But slight did they discern that Pawan would mislay his cool and pace out of sets. Currently that the issue has been solved, hope Pawan and Dolly would smear out such small events and move forward like previously.

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Pawan Kalyan Stages Walk Out of Katamarayudu
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