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Pawan Kalyan: I was depressed and suicidal

Pawan Kalyan had drifted the Jana Sena and ideas to quit cinema soon to focus on his political career.


Hyderabad: Pawan Kalyan moved upon a lot many issues, extending from personal tussles and cinematic profession to his political determinations.

Though, the most sensational chunk was when he admitted to having been suicidal, while deliberating on his nescient and tangled youth.

Pawan said “I came from a lower middle class family. I went to a street school and I had a much amount of time to anticipate life’s glitches. It became my lifespan obsession to relate what is being said and what is being done. Moreover, so effectively I failed my examinations and I didn’t endure my education.”

Further explaining, he said, “My emphasis was not on education; my concentration was on matters that beset the society. It made me go into despair. I just wanted to commit suicide. As most of you are quite acquainted with my brother was an actor by then. He possessed a licensed pistol. I sought to kill myself but my family counseled me. I at that time began experimenting with my life. I studied computers, practiced yoga, went for martial arts. I never sought to be an actor. I desired to be a yogi.”

Pawan Kalyan had drifted the Jana Sena Party in the year 2014. The hero also plans to quit movies for good, to focus on his political determinations.

“My brother (Chiranjeevi) would come home after a lengthy day and I would bother him with my viewpoints – you know like life is a lollipop and like (laughs). When he got annoyed with me and told me to make somewhat concrete out of life. At that fact, I realized I have missed my studies I missed the whole thing positive in life. My only choice was to be an actor,” he said, recalling on the defining instant of his life.



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