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Passengers Scare as SpiceJet Driver Aborts Landing

HYDERABAD: Passengers aboard a SpiceJet plane from Visakhapatnam in Hyderabad had a major barn on Sunday after the pilot’s aborted landing, seconds before the landing.

spicejet cross landing

After the landing, passengers on flight SG 422 reported how good everything was, until the pilot announced the descent of the plane to Hyderabad an hour and a half after he took off from the port city of Vizag at 9:30 am.

“The landing gear was out, we all fixed our seat belts and could see the fugitive, when suddenly the plane shot down and landed,” said one passenger. “My wife shook my arm as the plane diverged and penetrated into the sky. We were all afraid and there was no announcement about what happened there “Said the passenger, who has worked in the aviation industry for 33 years.

After circling the airport for about 10 minutes, the plane finally landed, much to relieve the passengers. “Even the second landing was not pleasant because we landed with a loud noise and the driver applied brakes immediately after the touchdown, but we were all relieved because everything was going well at the end,” recalled another passenger.

As the passengers breathed a sigh of relief, they were surprised that the crew did not react at all. “There was no announcement from the pilot and the crew was behaving as if nothing had happened,” said the passenger.

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Later, SpiceJet in a statement said due to temperature and turbulence “the approach had not stabilized over the last 200 feet and the pilot decided to take a turn.” If the turbulence is extreme, the aircraft can be violently launched and it becomes difficult to control it. “Spend on the contrary in the case of a non-stabilized approach, is encouraged, in the interest of flight safety, both by DGCA and Spicejet,” said a Spicejet agent from New Delhi.

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Passengers Scare as SpiceJet Driver Aborts Landing
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