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Parliament must vote before Theresa May triggers Brexit: UK Supreme Court

Labour Party has said it would not block Brexit although it would try to amend the legislation

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Prime Minister Theresa May must give Parliament a vote before it can officially start Britain’s exit from the European Union, the UK Supreme Court ruled Tuesday, giving lawmakers who object to His plans Brexit a shot of their amendment.

A “direct” project will soon be submitted to parliament in a few days, the government said after the highest judicial body in the country decided that Theresa May could not use the executive powers called “royal prerogatives” to invoke article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon and Divorce speaks.

However, the judges removed a major potential obstacle for the government, saying that May did not need the approval of the British deconcentration assemblies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland before triggering Brexit.

“We will in a few days present a law to give the government the legal power to trigger Article 50,” said British Minister David Davis in parliament. “This will be the simplest draft bill possible to give effect to the people’s decision and respect the judgment of the Supreme Court.”

May said it intended to invoke section 50 before the end of March, but the decision means that the Brexit process is now open to scrutiny by legislators, the majority of whom wanted to remain in the process, EU.

However, the main opposition Labor Party said it would not block Brexit, even if it tried to change the law.

“The Labor Party will seek to integrate the principles of full and tariff-free access to the single market and the maintenance of workers’ rights and social and environmental protections,” said party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

According to media reports, up to 80 Labor MPs in the House of Commons, the lower house, would ignore Corbyn and vote against the triggering of Article 50, while the small Liberal Democratic party said it would oppose Brexit A second referendum on the final agreement.

Meanwhile, the Scottish national party, which has 54 MPs, has committed to submit 50 “serious and substantial” amendments. However, Brexit opponents are still likely to be a little short of the numbers needed to delay the May schedule or to stop it.

The Upper House, the House of Lords, could also seek to modify plans, but ministers are confident that non-elected peers would not try to arrest Britain leaving the EU after 52.48% of the votes cast By the voters in the referendum last June.


May’s spokesman said the court’s decision did nothing to change Brexit’s course or schedule.

Davis said: “The point of no return was adopted on June 23 last year. This judgment does not change the fact that the UK will leave the European Union.”

Last week, May put its stand to the test of negotiations, promising a break with the world’s largest trading bloc as part of a 12-point plan to focus on free trade agreements World.

Some investors and those who supported the “remain” campaign hope that legislators, most of whom would like to remain in the EU, will force May to seek an agreement that gives priority to access to the single European market of 500 million people , Or even to Brexit altogether.

Sterling first rose to the news that the government had lost its appeal but it then fell more than half a percent to hit the lows of the day against the dollar and the euro after the decision that the assemblies Do not need to give their assent.

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Those who campaigned for Britain to leave the EU said the vote on the Brexit outbreak should be a mere formality.

“Any attempt to delay the Brexit process … would be an unpardonable betrayal of the British people,” said Richard Tice, co-chair of the Leave Means Leave campaign. “The lords should also follow, any delay by them would ensure their abolition.

While Tuesday’s decision settled the argument about the role of parliament in the start of the Brexit process, other obstacles and headaches may await.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the Court’s decision on the devolved assemblies raised the specter of another referendum on Scottish independence as the Scots, who voted in favor of staying in the EU , Are not treated as equal partners.

May’s spokesman also pointed out that the government’s assertion that section 50 was irreversible, but another legal case is being prepared to challenge that view in the courts.

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Parliament must vote before Theresa May triggers Brexit: UK Supreme Court
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