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Pakistani Anchor “Threatening” PM Modi on TV Goes Viral

Pakistani “Threatening” PM Modi antenna on TV goes viral and you cannot miss this.

Since demonetisation has made an entrance into our lives, as an unwanted guest, our lives have become insanely tough. Some sections of the population have beaten Modi and his government and the rule he has implemented.

While some have rented it to take the bold move to eradicate black money. As the nation is divided between hatred and respect for Modi, a Pakistani anchor has been responsible for roasting PM Modi.

pakistani anchor warned PM Modi

Here we present a video that will make you understand the level of frustration that the Pakistani media is experiencing these days, but it will make you laugh.

This video comes a few months after India carried out a surgical strike along the line of control over seven terror launch pads, a move for which the PM was leased across the country.

Watch the video here:

This video is shared by Tarek Fatah, a Canadian writer born in Pakistan, and in this video, a woman anchor of a Pakistani channel warns PM Modi in poetic style. Its one-liners are about, but nevertheless, it will make you laugh.

“Modi saahab, aapko lakh baar samjhaya hai, lekin kab samajh mein aaya hai Surkh sholon se na khelo, jal jaoge. Uboor karne ki galati humne karli, toh na maan hoga, na Hanuman na hi koi Shaktimaan.

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Mr Modi, we have warned you a million times, but when have you ever figured out! Do not play with fire, you will be burned. Do not play with explosives, you will be annihilated … Remember this. Beware of when we decide to violate the border, because then there will be no honor, no Hanuman and no Shaktimaan to come for you.

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Pakistani Anchor “Threatening” PM Modi on TV Goes Viral
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