Tuesday , April 23 2019

Pakistan Authorities Returned Parcels of Jailed Indian Fishermen

Nearly 438 fishermen from Gujarat and 51 from the Diu are lodged at Pak jails after being apprehended by the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency.

Pakistan Authorities Returned Parcels of Jailed Indian Fishermen.

Daman: Pakistan prison authorities are returning the parcels sent by relatives of Indian fishermen captured & jailed in that country, after relations between the two nations soured following surgical strikes on the terror launch pads across LoC, officials said on Saturday.

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As many as 438 fishermen from the Gujarat & 51 from Diu are lodged in Pakistani jails after being apprehended by Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) near the international maritime border in last nine months. Most of them are stuck at Karachi jails, an official of Fisheries department said.

“Fishermen’s relatives would send parcels containing letters, dry food items, clothes, toothpaste, paan masala, and medicines, to them in Karachi jail. Previous, jail authorities would accept these parcels, but ever since the situation between the two countries has got worse after surgical strikes, parcels are being returned,” said Shukar Anjani, an official of the Diu Fisheries department.

“This is not just matter of Diu alone but the situation is being faced by the relatives of all fishermen lodged there.

Several such parcels sent by the relatives of fishermen in Gujarat & Diu after the strike have come back as they were not accepted,” Anjani said.

“We have received several complaints from relatives of fishermen stuck in the Pakistani jails. The parcels that were returned contained a stamp of Karachi jail which means they reached till there & were then returned.

If the parcels were being accepted before, it means jail authorities are not accepting them after the surgical strikes by India,” Diu Collector Parimal Jani said.


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