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Osmania University Recorded Every Ripple of Quake During Nizam Rule

HYDERABAD: There was perhaps not a single earthquake that was not left unregistered by the  Osmania University during the Hyderabad of Nizam and the first two decades after independence.

Osmania University

Long before the birth of the prestigious National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) in Hyderabad in 1961, Osmania University recorded seismological data for the state of Hyderabad and the British government. The University’s Nizamia Observatory also provided data to Oxford and Harvard. The OR data were part of the international seismological summary for the benefit of mankind in general. The OU did not leave an earthquake – minor or major without reading his mind. Going back to the 1925 horizon, the university team recorded up to 70 tremors over a period of 365 days.

Besides the tremors, the OU researchers recorded several microselsms – continuous motion in the earth that is not related to an earthquake. Microsera lasts from one second to nine seconds and are caused by several non-seismic factors. The University of Osmania connected the recorded microsels in Hyderabad to the districts caused by the monsoon season. The phenomenon was important in university seismographs for 26 full days during the monsoon that year.

The university team was able to record the direction of the waves triggered by an earthquake not only from east to west, but also from north to south. He carried out extensive research on the seismological data obtained from the Milne-Shaw horizontal pendulum installed in the observatory. There were only four seismological centers in British India when the Nizamia Observatory launched its quest for the earthquake in the early 1920s.

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“The recordings at the end of September 1925 were studied and the readings of the main phases were transmitted to Oxford for incorporation into the International Seismological Summary,” said the Registrar of Osmania University in his official report for the ” Year 1925-26 submitted to Education Department of Nizam Government in 1927. He also shared with international organizations information on air temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind speed.

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Osmania University Recorded Every Ripple of Quake During Nizam Rule
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