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OnePlus opens unique experience store that will not sell phones


Each building on Bangalore’e well-known Brigade road is selling you something. Every single building, apart from One Plus Experience Store. As an alternative of smartphones, the future Experience Store will sell the experience, the emotion of using the company’s brilliant phones.

The OnePlus Experience Store, formally opening on January 7th is exceptional. It substitutes the former Kohinoor hotel on Brigade Road. It is a shop that has been set up to make people come and use the phones. Clamp it in their hands, touch it, and fool around with it. The shop will deliver potential clients with the first-hand prospect to play about with OnePlus’ phones. There will be all mobile accessories and OnePlus branded lifestyle goods to buy.

On launching day, yet, OnePlus will have some special offers which will embrace the phones. Individuals will be able to purchase the OnePlus 3T 64GB and 128GB variant in Gunmetal Grey colour and the OnePlus 3T 64GB variant in soft gold colour among other OnePlus goods from the store on the day.

OnePlus, a business that prospers on its community contribution has also shifted their Indian commercial office in this 14,000 sq. ft building. OnePlus’ chief marketing main Kyle Kiang considers having the office just above the Experience Store will let the business to always have a check on the beat of the community. Quicker feedback, more commitment and as a result, more of the product the persons want.

“The shop is the first-of-its-kind solitary brand retail store in India and will be a one-stop terminus to experience the whole range of OnePlus products,” Kyle Kiang said.

Separately from showing off its goods, the store will also upkeep Bangalore’s local technology and startup ecology through a sequence of initiatives counting hosting regular focus-group workshops and information sessions with business experts.

This store will not sell the phones. OnePlus rests to be an online-only brand, marketing phones solely on Amazon India. The extravagantly furnished building is spread above four zones — a sovereign service center in the cellar, retail and communal zone on the ground and mezzanine floors, a swanky workplace on the upper floors and a cafe on the rooftop.

An India focus

After starting a plant to locally manufactured phones in India, OnePlus also hurled its own e-commerce platform in tandem with Amazon to open additional channel of buying its products online. The One Plus experience store is one more milestone in the company’s trip in India.

“Starting the experience store is not going to upsurge sales in the short term, but it displays the vow OnePlus has to the Indian market and in the long-term, it will create the trust we have amid our Indian fans,” said Peter Lau, co-founder of OnePlus at the promotion.

The store will also play host to normal community engagement doings. For example, OnePlus will be starting an augmented reality game to exemplify its Dash Charge technology in an engaging way when the store formally throws its doors open to the stalwarts.

This store, even if it doesn’t add to sales currently, but will definitely help the business grow its visibility in the nation. Being an online-only brand, it was hard for OnePlus to get first-time purchasers on board the OnePlus experience. The store will balance the online-only business model by delivering an offline terminus for users to experience the overall range of the company’s products before ending the purchase online.
“We are not reigning out starting an R&D center in Bangalore. It is after all the tech investment of India. We had a small club test out our newly rolled out VoLTE provision on OxygenOS in association with Reliance Jio,” co-founder Carl Pei said.

Vikas Agarwal, the MD of OnePlus India himself self-confessed that after Europe, India is the 2nd most significant market for the company. Opening up a local manufacturing part, an official e-commerce station and currently the Experience Store assuredly drives that point home.

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