Thursday , February 21 2019

OfferLogic Joins with GoDaddy to Offer best Products and Services for Small Businesses

OfferLogic, a foremost provider of client engagement technology solutions, currently announced an association with GoDaddy, the world’s biggest cloud platform dedicated to small, sovereign ventures.


GoDaddy is the place where people come to name their notion, create a proficient website, entice customers and regulate their work. In partnership with Offerlogic, GoDaddy customers presently have access to a wide range of business products and services delivered through the customer engagement platform. The podium commends and makes obtainable special offers for services from GoDaddy associates that are anticipated to aid small businesses to grow and more efficiently run their day-to-day processes.

“It is significant to GoDaddy that our clients have access to tailored business solutions that can aid to drive their business frontward. Through our association with OfferLogic, we have expanded our contributions and are capable of suggesting services that are precisely curated with the GoDaddy client in mind,” said Ryan Fawcett, the Director of Partnerships and Business Development at GoDaddy.

“At OfferLogic, we consider that after a small commercial owner purchases domains and web hosting from GoDaddy, they are also probably interested in extra services like adding a chat service, gaining printed marketing materials, or even getting assistance with back-office operations like loans, integration, or a merchant handling, to name a few. This association with GoDaddy delivers all of those elucidations in one place,” said Bryan Seastead, the President and Co-Founder of OfferLogic.

About OfferLogic:

OfferLogic is a technology supplier that aids to drive customer engagement, by endorsing offers, coupons, and deals that are really beneficial to end-customers.  OfferLogic platform clients are capable of driving product implementation and attentiveness, bolster customer devotion, all without disrupting significant user-experiences. Once the platform code is arrayed, no engineering growth hours are used for constant optimization, ongoing advertisement, and revenue generation.  The platform influences a decision-engine, container library, and marketing computerization features & integrations, to serve tailored offers on world-class partner websites like GoDaddy, Staples, and BizFilings.


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