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Nostalgic melodies reborn

Rafeeq Yusuf, who composed the tunes in Kappiri Thuruthu based on the melody of the 70s, is happy to have re-formed for big screen.

Rafeeque with Ramesh Narayanan and his daughter Madhusree.

The period flick Kaappiri Thuruthu out a few months ago dwelled into the melodic past of Kochi not many are alert of; touches upon the life and contributions of yesteryear songster Mehaboob, draws motivation from Mirza Ghalib’s words and re-forms the rich music of the early 70s. The tunes in the movie, especially the romantic song ‘Cherupathil’ has an old world charm to it; and the thanks goes to music director Rafeeq Yusuf.

Rafeeq’s tryst with flick industry happened a few years before when he was approached to compose the song for the movie Mathilukalkappuram. “It was a movie scheduled around five years ago with artist Mammootty as a sequel to the flick Mathilukal. Unfortunately, the movie never occurred. After that, I got the opportunity to effort for Kappiri Thuruthu,” he recalls.

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Interestingly, Rafeeq was primarily approached for singing in the show. “Basically, I am a Ghazal singer and was the move toward by director Saheer Ali to sing a ghazal composed by someone else. I guess that song did not get on with Saheer and he asked me if I could take up creating. So, I took the lyrics hold in by Mirza Ghalib and created a song for the flick. I was told that the condition was based in Delhi and felt his lyrics would suit the finest.”

A still from Kaappiri Thuruthu.

Rafeeq bonds about one of the main opportunities he had while composing. “I had taken up the task of picking out Mirza Ghalib’s words from the unlike ‘shers’ best suited for the flick and could make my guru Pandit Ramesh Narayan sing it. I trust it to be my biggest blessing.”

Clearing up more about composing for the flick, Rafeeq says, “The qawwali is the only tune that is considerably ‘new-gen’; every new song is based in the 70s. So, all we can display from that era is the orchestration. While recreating Mehaboob’s tunes, I desired to do full justice to what I was making; otherwise, we could have formed a melody that fits today’s musical style. I have re-formed the typical Kochi style of rendering I have heard as a kid, and also make sure that the songs do not remain just inside the Kochi crowd.”

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Nostalgic melodies reborn
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