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No place for kids in K’town?

We explore why there is a lack of children’s movies in Tamil film industry, related to the West.


We have seen positive ventures like Pasanga and Saivam, which had kids playing solid characters. But, these movies are more about youngsters, than for them. Even if the creators want to do a movie that would take the children to a fantasy ride, they come through a lot of hurdles as well as financial backing. Though a rare recent films had solid child role, those films essential prominent stars to begin the child’s role. We talk to some directors and child performers and find out why there is lack of children’s movies in the Tamil film industry.

Vijay, director of Saivam and Deiva Thirumagal, utters, “Like some other film, children-based movies too need a solid script to pull it off. There should be a proper story. Also, budget is very essential. We need a correct financial support to make such movies. Usually, they are not commercially possible unless there is a star in the cast. And that is the cause why not many creators are coming forward to back up those plans.”

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Vijay, who announced Baby Sara to Tamil movies, opines that it is not exact easy to direct a kid. “I want extra filmmakers to take a chance and explore this type. It’s not so cool to take a movie with a kid as its central character. We need to be really patient with them.”

Director Pandiraj, whose skill is children’s movies, opines that the cause behind the lack of quality children’s pictures are the market constraints — “Take all the children movies which have did well together with Pasanga, Pasanga 2 and Kaaka Muttai. They are gainful indeed but you can’t call them runaway success.

That’s the cause why producers are doubtful to bankroll such flicks. Even they can’t be blamed since youths are the majority between film goers. They wouldn’t wish this genre obviously.”

How can any person forget the role played by Esther Anil in Kamal Haasan’s Paapanasam? The child artist, who is presently working with directorHalithaShameem’s coming film Minmini, enjoyed playing children’s characters in all the south Indian languages. “I was continuously open to play different characters in movies.

Thankfully, I got good characters in all the movies so far,” she says, adding, “I am a first who enjoys watching courageous films like TinTin and movies with strong content like Kaaka Muttai. Another movie that caught my attention is Trip to the Center of the Globe. I want to do a alike kind of character played by Josh Hutcherson.”

On the other hand, Pandiraj speaks, “It is actually tough to find the right sense of balance between making cinemas about children and those for youngsters. Kids generally don’t wish the former kind. The latter are the ones with champions and fantasy motion picture. But to make them is not a cool task. You should get into their world. A thirty-year-old must transform into five-year-old which, if you ask me, is not a cake walk.”

He is also against the use of fierceness in children’s films “If a film’s made for kids, it should be devoid of all the burning scenes and drinking acts.”

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