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No end to Secunderabad railway station road traffic chaos.

TheU-turns are never a solution to the tricky; the authorities should consider rotary circles,” said Mr Malcolm Wolfe, a traffic professional.

Secunderabad, RailWays Station.
The road is always crowded with traffic; apart from the railway station and bus boundary, it connects several schools and colleges and places of worship apart from the Monda marketplace.

Hyderabad: Traffic near Secunderabad railway station is so heavy that it’s hard for a driver to stop for even a couple of minutes to let out a traveler, leave alone parking. With rising number of trains and MMTS, the traffic flow chaos is not going to end presently.

Foot-travelers have nowhere to walk and are in constant risk of being knocked down if they walk on the way, while the growing numbers of hawkers in the region have occupied entrances to lasting shops and religious institutions.

The road is at all times packed with traffic; apart from the railway station and bus station, it connects numerous schools and colleges and places of worship apart from the Monda bazaar.

Mahankali traffic inspector B. Ramaswamy whispered, “We are trying our best to take away the encroachments by street retailers in front of shops and religious institutes. The bus stop near Secunderabad railway station will be moved to the old Gandhi Hospital and the whole area will be free to use. Once these buses start operating from there, the road traffic will ease.”

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The recent changes have eased the problem of drivers and pedestrians to some level, but the U-turn in front of the railway station has made matters worse.

“The U turns have no solution to the problem; the authorities should think through rotary circles,” alleged Mr Malcolm Wolfe, a traffic expert.

“RTC bus and auto rickshaws halting at the bus-station opposite the busy Secunderabad railway station is the major cause for the bumper-to-bumper road traffic throughout the day at the station,” said Prof. R. Stevenson of Osmania University.

He held that the only U-turn for vehicles coming from Clock Tower leading to Monda market is entirely jammed because of the temporary halt of RTC and autos in front of the station.

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