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Nitya Naresh: Dream debut

Nitya Naresh was competing for a spot behind the

Nitya Naresh was competing for a spot behind the camera, when she had found herself fronting it. That is how Nitya Naresh’s trip began.


From a bespectacled modest girl to a vibrant young heroine, city-based Nitya Naresh is compelling all the correct steps at the correct time. Her debut picture, Nandini Nursing Home, opposite veteran actor Naresh’s son Naveen Vijay Krishna, is getting excellent reviews. She considers that her script is like the story of the Dreadful Duckling. “I come from a defense contextual — my dad was in the Navy. I did my education in Mumbai, and after my dad’s retirement, we got settled in Hyderabad. I had a disturbing time in school. I was intimidated for not looking good — I had a dark complexion and wore glasses. I ultimately learnt to love the female in the mirror, and clogged worrying about what others were thinking of me. I consider that’s when my ride from being an ugly duckling to a wander occurred,” says Nitya.

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The heroine didn’t respect acting as her first love; in its place, it was direction all along. “Though I did a bit of acting in college, it was guiding with which I deck in love. I craved a job as an assistant director,” she speaks. A photo shoot completed for fun, altered Nitya’s destiny and she was positioned in front of the camera. “I was asked for auditions after my photographs were well expected on social media. I frolicked a small role in Kerintha that was directed by Saikiran Adivi, previous year. I wasn’t anxious while facing the camera, as I discerned the basics,” shares Nitya.

Therefore, her trip as an actor began. “I got a call from P.V. Giri’s workplace as they liked my character in Kerintha, and now I am debuting as a lady lead. The involvement is irresistible. I tell myself to be truthful and stay grounded. Whatsoever I do, is a family choice. Previously, I haven’t had any bad involvements,” she adds. Nitya is not intense to go on a signing binge. For her, it’s significant that the role is considerable. “I haven’t contracted anything new. I just want to reduce for a few weeks, and then take up movie projects. These days, I am busy in promoting Nandini Nursing Home and lounging in the new-found attention,” she says.


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Nitya Naresh: Dream debut
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