Tuesday , March 19 2019

Niloufer, Osmania make ailing teen run around

Niloufer says that the teen is aged about 14, and should go to a normal hospital. OGH rejects to treat him. NIMS walked in to diagnose the teen.


Hyderabad: A Fourteen-year-old teen Shoaib Khan from Borabanda is being made to move from Niloufer Hospital to Osmania General Hospital for the past 2 days for neuro-cognitive impairment. It was well along identified at the Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital as a case of HIV allied neurocognitive syndrome.

The teen lives with his grandma, Sajida Begum, after the demise of his parents. From the past 2 days, they have been traveling among the two state-run hospitals for identification and cure. Just two days ago, when they had went to OGH, the teen had about 104ºF temperature and was in a semi-conscious condition but was given medications and requested to go.

Mr. Mujtaba Askari, who had volunteers in the government hospital had said, “The kid was in a semi-conscious condition and could not be moved by his grandma who had sat down in the locations of the hospice. We had found her waiting for him to attain awareness.”

Ms, Sajida Begum had said, “He has been anguish for about two years. Previous year, Niloufer Hospital had admitted him as he was 13-years-old but currently they are not ready to take him as he is 14 years of age. They had sent us to this hospice where they did not inspect him at all.”

The neurology out-patient section at NIMS inspected him and observed it to be a circumstance of severe taint. They conceded out an HIV test which had come out positive.
The medics said it was an HIV related neurocognitive disorder which leads to loss of memory, mood swings and incapability to handle regular work. A senior medic at NIMS on disorder of anonymity said, “The illness is at an normal stage and appropriate follow-up will aid.”


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