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New York City college student died fighting for ISIS: US

The death of Samy Mohammed El-Goarany, who was 24 when he traveled to Syria to join ISIS, was revealed in papers filed by prosecutors


New York:  A New York City college student died previous November fighting for Islamic State Group in Syria, where he had traveled earlier in the year with the help of an Arizona man he met online, according to US prosecutors.

The death of Samy Mohammed El-Goarany, who was 24 when he traveled to Syria, was revealed in papers filed by prosecutors late on Monday in Manhattan federal court in a case in contrast to the Arizona man, Ahmed Mohammed El Gammal.

The details came as prosecutors pursued approval to introduce evidence at the December 5 trial of El Gammal, who is accused with conspiring to provide material support to Islamic State Group by helping El-Goarany travel so he could join the Islamic State group.

The potential evidence includes a letter by El-Goarany that an anonymous person via an instant messaging platform provided by one of El-Goarany’s relatives after saying he had been killed fighting in Syria for ISIS.

In the letter, El-Goarany well-versed the relative that “if you’re reading this then know that I’ve been killed in battle and am now with our Lord InshaAllah.”

“We will win this war one day, this war between Iman (Belief) and kufr (Disbelief) between Good and Evil,” the letter stated, according to prosecutors. “And I will come back for you, with Allah’s permission I will come back for you.”

El Gammal’s lawyer rejected the comment. He has pleaded not guilty.

According to prosecutors, El-Goarany was a US citizen who joined the college in Manhattan and who by 2014 began expressing increased interest in revolutionary forms of Islam.

El-Goarany first communicated El Gammal in August 2014 after learning of online comments he posted supporting Islamic State, prosecutors stated.

They contacted via encrypted messaging platforms, including one El-Goarany suggested by noting former National Security Agency contractor-turned-whistleblower Edward Snowden had used it, prosecutors stated.

They said El Gammal journeyed to New York in October 2014 and met El-Goarany. He then arranged for El-Goarany to get in touch with an individual living in Turkey to help El-Goarany travel to join Islamic State Group, prosecutors stated.

El-Goarany, whose parents lived in Middletown, New York, then traveled from New York City to Istanbul in January 2015, and earlier in mid-February arrived in Syria, prosecutors stated.

After learning of El Gammal’s August 2015 custody, El-Goarany posted a video on YouTube disagreeing he had helped him and saying he “came here out of my own will,” prosecutors stated.

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