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New mommy Kareena Kapoor breaks the norm

Kareena Kapoor Khan sets a perfect example for new mommies by celebrating straight out of the hospice.


The girl has nerve. Not to be the one constrained by standards, Kareena Kapoor Khan, like the smash she is, stunned fans when she was back on her feet, joining social gatherings, going to festivities and getting clacked by the paparazzi, just days after giving delivery to baby Taimur.

Though women in India have been usually counseled to follow specific practices like staying indoors for 41 days after delivery, staying away from the cold as much as likely by casing the ears with a scarf and some people even trust in tying a tight band about their bellies so they can get back in shape, Kareena Kapoor was out and about on third day of her delivery.

Times are changing

Rooma Sinha, a famous gynecologist from the city speaks, “It is factual that about 40 days after delivery, the immune system of the mom is low. So that is rather to be a little careful about, but one doesn’t want to restrict themselves to the house. Moreover, if the mom is immobile, I advise contrary to it.

As long as the mom is healthy, getting the right nourishment and is capable of taking care of the baby, there is totally no problem in moving out. Not like now, places and food joints were not sterile or nutritional earlier. So, new moms were advised to stay home.

A senior consultant obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Pranathi Reddy dwells more into the facts. She speaks, “Pregnancy and child birth is a natural process that takes up a lot of the lady’s physical and mental grits. Post-delivery, internment is traditionally counseled by numerous communities globally, as it permits a woman to mend physically and mentally and bond peaceably with the baby and assist in establishing breast feeding. Complete bed rest is not suggested, there is a certain logic in letting rest for the moms. Tying a waist band helps to protect the back by giving it fixed support, but conflicting to the trust, it does not lessen the tummy.”

Some people might be worried about the wicked eye, while some might speak of how an individual should be residing at home, taking care of the kid rather than coming to events.

“I never think it is right to be pejorative. Each woman tailors her doings to the amount of provision she has at home. If there are ancestors who can look after the baby, going out possibly a welcome break as long as healthy habits are upheld. Yet, alcohol consumption and smoking is a firm no-no during this period,” Pranathi speaks.

Age-old beliefs

  • Post-delivery, the new mom must not step out for 41 days. It is supposed she will be very feeble and inclined to pick up contagions. And, an infection post- delivery, is supposed to remain with the mom all her life!
  • Told to shield the ears by covering a scarf round the head so that cool breeze doesn’t go to the earholes.
  • Tie a cloth firmly around the belly; it will help lessen the tummy!
  • Limitations on food intake too.


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