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New innings for Kunal Kaushik

Kunal Kaushik had a positive start to 2017 with the movie Ghazi and 16.


Right from the school, Kunal Kaushik had known that he had to become an artist. “But like a usual Indian household would have it, I need to graduate, and make myself safe before trailing my dream. I did just that,” he speaks.

His newest release 16 – Every single Detail Counts (Dhuruvangal Pathinaru movie in Tamil) was well expected in Tamil and is in theatres in Telugu at present. “The film had changed my life. Previously, when I had to introduce myself, I had to begin from the start and explain what I am, what I have done and what I can do. Currently, it’s like a new part. I can begin from 16, and people are automatically interested. I feel so blessed. And the whole thing appears positive,” says the actor, who hails from Nuziveedu town near Vijayawada.

Previously seen in Ghazi movie in a small character, he has done rather some work in his mother tongue, Telugu also. “I started off with Muppalaneni Siva garu’s Lifestyle movie, and did two more movies which never came out! It was again in Siva garu’s movie Sri Sri that I got to play a significant role together with Krishna garu. Then, Ghazi and 16 occurred,” he speaks.

His debut movie in Tamil happened excitingly. “I love Malayalam and Tamil film and watched a lot of short movies. If I liked any of them, I made an exertion to contact the technicians of the movie on social media. That’s how I met director Karthick Naren. Things finally have fallen into place, and the movie marked my new innings,” says the happy actor.


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