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New Barrage On Krishna River: Vastu Favours Vykuntapuram

The Krishna River flows east and turns to the north side at Vykuntapuram hill.

The new barrage on Krishna river will connect Amaravati from Hyderabad-Vijayawada national highway of Krishna district.

GUNTUR: The new barrage on Krishna river will connect the Amaravati from Hyderabad-Vijayawada national highway of Krishna district. The Krishna flows east &  turns to the north side at Vykuntapuram hill and soon returns eastward giving it the name: Uttaravahini. This east to north & back to east, twist is considered auspicious as per Hindu belief and Vastu. The state government which beliefs in a Vastu chose this place for the barrage that would come across the Krishna between Vykuntapuram of Amaravati Capital Region & Damuluru of Krishna district. During  the heavy rains & floods, Krishna water goes unutilised into the Bay of Bengal from Prakasam Barrage. More than the 11 tmc ft of flood water flowed into the sea during recent rains from Prakasam Barrage.

Previously, there was no reservoir between the Nagarjunasagar & the Prakasam Barrage, but now the Pulichintala project is storing 30 tmc ft of water & releasing excess water into the Krishna which reaches out Prakasam barrage and goes waste into the sea due to the absence of storage facility. After announcing the new capital Amaravati on the banks of Krishna, the Andhra Pradesh government planned to construct the barrage to store 5 tmc ft of water. But the plan was kept in pending.

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The Singaporean planners also suggested construction of bridges including a 3-km-long underwater tunnel on a Krishna between Vijayawada & old Amaravati in the Master Plan they drafted. The Andhra Pradesh government, noticing the water going waste into the sea, decided to construct the barrage across the Krishna river to store the water at the Vykuntapuram which is treated as auspicious Uttaravahini.

Senior pundit P. Rama Sarma said that the change of Krishna direction from east to the north & then to the east is auspicious as per Vastu & the construction of the barrage at this juncture will be good for new capital Amaravati. The hilltop Venkateswara Swamy on the Krounchagiri hill of Vykuntapuram is Swayambh (self-manifested) & the Amaravati would be blessed, he averred. Minister for irrigation, D. Umamaheswara Rao, citing the flow of water straight into the sea stressed the need for a barrage before the Prakasam barrage and said that the government plan to construct a barrage to store water would be very helpful for the growing water needs of Amaravati.

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